Exercise within Target Heart Rate

In case you’re pursuing any kind of aerobic workout as your standard fitness program, then you need to know about a term called “Target Heart Rate”. Basically, this term is used as a scientific parameter to gauge the results which you can achieve by following a specific workout. In case you’re trying to burn fat and lose weight, then you can expect the best results by working out within your target heart rate.

With that background, here’s how you can calculate your target heart rate. Let’s say that you’re a 50 year old, then your maximal heart rate is 220-your age= 170. Now take 70 and 90 percent of that value. So 70 percent of 170 beats per minute= 119 beats per minute and 90 percent of 170 beats per minute= 153 beats per minute. Hence, for a 50 year old, the target heart rate is between 119 and 153 beats per minute.

The above formula is just a good starting point for beginners. In actual fact, your heart rate depends on your age and hence your maximum heart rate may be higher or lower than 220 minus your age. Hence, the target heart rate should be used only as a guideline and not something enshrined in stone. Generally speaking, if it seems too hard then use a lower intensity and if it seems too easy then use a higher one.

In case you consider yourself to be an older adult or inactive for quite sometime, then it would be better to aim for 50 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate rather than going for 70 to 90 percent range.

Once you’ve decided your target heart rate then you must make a firm commitment to work out within this range. There is nothing to gain by working out below your range since it’ll not help much to burn your body fat. In case you’re exercising above your range then your body is no longer working aerobically but rather an-aerobically. This would also essentially mean that you’re not burning any fat but rather building body endurance. You must use your own subjective judgment in determining whether the intensity of your workout should be higher or lower.

If you’re an absolute newbie to a fitness program then it would be best to stick at the lower end of your target heart rate range. In case you consider yourself to be healthy or leading an active lifestyle then you can aim towards the upper end of the range. In case you’re still undecided about the intensity of your workout then use some good old common sense. If you’re able to workout without putting in too much of effort then you should increase your intensity. Alternatively, make sure your workout isn’t too strenuous that you’re feeling pain or getting short of breath or simply can’t complete the pre set duration of your workout. In case you encounter something of this sort, then decrease your intensity.

You must exercise for the duration needed even if you have to make certain adjustments in your target heart rate range. You must maintain an essential balance between exercise duration and intensity so as to expend 150 to 400 Kilocalories per day. Burning this much energy on a daily basis will ensure a healthy heart and lungs in addition to achieving proper body composition goals.

You can check whether you’re exercising within your target heart rate range by conducting a small calculation during your workout. Simply count your heart beats during 10 seconds of exercise and multiply this number by six. See that the result falls within your target heart rate range. You can count your heart beats by using a digital watch or even a normal watch with a second hand.

Easiest way to count your heart beat is by checking your pulse at the wrist. Just below the base of the thumb, the radial artery can be found (On either wrist). Simply feel the pulse by applying gentle pressure with your fingers and count the same for the duration of 10 seconds.

The best way for sure is to use a heart rate monitor.  If you’re looking for the best heart rate monitor to help you achieve your training goals whether they are fitness or weight loss related, than take a look at http://www.heartratemonitorreviewz.com where you can find top heart rate monitor reviews at the best prices.

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