High-Intensity Interval Training | HIIT


High-Intensity Interval Training | HIIT

In the world of diet, weight loss, muscle building and healthy lifestyles is a unique system called High-Intensity Interval Training. Also known as HIIT, this is a system of weight loss/fat burning/muscle building that has been around for decades and was used almost exclusively within the track and field venue to improve a runner’s stamina and cardio resources.

Today, High-Intensity Interval Training has entered the fitness industry due to the results posted in numerous research studies that have been published. HIIT is a method to increase fat loss and retain as well as increase muscle mass in a shorter time period than common steady, slow cardio training and exercise.

As the name implies, High-Intensity Interval Training works your body at maximum levels for a short period of time followed by a gentler pace or even a complete rest period of longer length. For example, if you were a jogger, you would begin by running as fast and as hard as you could for 15 seconds, then walk quietly for 60 seconds. You would repeat this process 10 times for a total length of workout of a mere 15 minutes. The initial training period is usually a 1:4 ratio. You work at an intense level of exercise for a short period of time, and then work at a low level of intensity for 4 times that amount of time. (15 seconds high level: 60 seconds of low level.)


What Are The Benefits of HIIT | High-Intensity Interval Training?

As we mentioned earlier, the benefits include the higher percentage of fat loss while retaining (and increasing) muscle mass. The second benefit it that of obtaining the same or better results using HIIT in a quarter of the time that you would if using the commonplace cardio training methods. So consider that if you typically would use a treadmill for an hour, you could have the same advantages and benefits in 15 minutes using the HIIT method. This is an ideal workout plan for those of you with a busy schedule!

Simply, High-Intensity Interval Training is efficient, you burn more fat, you build a healthier heart through the fact you are pushing into the anaerobic zone, you don’t need any fancy equipment (yes, you can use a jump rope, or just running, biking, rowing), lose weight not muscle (unlike other weight loss methods where muscle loss is a huge concern), your metabolism increases because the HGH production is increased which is responsible for weight loss, it’s a challenging (not boring) fitness routine, and you can do this anywhere/anytime!

A totally convenient, challenging, and effective fitness and weight loss program in less than half the time traditional cardio workouts would allow. People who are using High-Intensity Interval Training as their fitness workout of choice are excited about their ability to increase their weight and fat loss amounts from doing a short 15 minute program 3 days a week.

A Fitness Regime For Everyone?

No, not exactly. As you can probably discern all ready, the HIIT method pushes your cardiovascular system well beyond its comfort zone. Traditionally we’ve been taught to exercise for prolonged periods of time with our heart rate IN our “zone.” HITT takes your heart rate past the accepted zone for brief, short periods of time with a lengthy recovery period after each energy burst.

If you have any heart or vascular issues, or serious medical complaints, do not pursue ANY fitness routine without the expressed consent of your physician or specialist. And in particular, do not attempt to use High-Intensity Interval Training as your weight loss/exercise option until cleared with your medical professional.

HIIT Summary

All in all, what you have here is an extremely efficient workout in far less time than common methods could allow. If you are healthy and ready to start this type of fitness routine, it will provide you with quick and impressive results without all the time spent at the gym or counting calories.

Perhaps you are all ready utilizing High-Intensity Interval Training for your fitness goals. Take a few moments and comment below, share with us your experience with HIIT and how well it has worked for you. Remember to like and share by using the easy click social sharing buttons below.