Introduction To Cross Training

One of the primary reasons as to why so many people discontinue their fitness program, a few days into the same, is because of boredom. Several people complain that doing the same exercises every single day doesn’t sounds like fun and eventually it become too much of a chore which they feel like avoiding.

Ironically, the aftermath of such a situation is not very good either, since such individuals are usually left with mental stress which comes about by not finishing something which they started so enthusiastically. This sort of approach is sure to dampen their spirit towards achieving a fit body when they might join a fitness program in the future.

A remedy to prevent such a thing from happening can be found in something known as “Cross- Training”. Chances are good that you might have come across this term in case you’ve been to gym for any substantial period of time. In its simplest definition, cross training is a way of adding variety to your exercise program in order to get rid of “Plateau” or boredom. It also serves the additional purpose of reducing the risk of injury.

During extended periods of following the same exercise regimen, it so often happens that the same muscles, bones and joints are continuously subjected to the stresses of same activity. This is especially true in case of strength training and rigorous toning. Cross training is basically designed to give a break to such muscles by substantially toning down the stresses. Cross training also provides a unique opportunity to make the fitness routine more interesting and easier to maintain.

Athletes incorporating cross training into their practice have often reported increased overall fitness and enhanced physical performance. However, it must be pointed out that cross training is not just for athletes and super athletes.

In case you’re someone who doesn’t belong to the gym or even play sports, there are several fitness activities which you can mix and match for designing your own cross training program. Remember, this must only be done when you feel like taking a little break from your regular exercise routine. Perhaps the easiest way to cross train yourself is by starting to alternate activities. For example, you can walk one day, jog, cycle or swim the next. These activities can also be combined in a single workout by alternating them after regular intervals. For example, you can spend five minutes on a treadmill followed by five minutes on a stationary cycle and so on for a total of 20 minutes.

One common technique employed by people engaging in cross training is to mix a low intensity aerobic activity with a high intensity one. This is primarily done to increase the endurance level of body, which will help you immensely in going through your regular day with utmost vigor. You can achieve this easily by doing cycling for 10 minutes followed by 10 minutes of stair stepping or rope jumping. To gain better results, you should gradually increase the time spent on high intensity activity.