Running For Older Beginners Gently

Running For Older Beginners Gently

We all know the importance of an exercise routine no matter our age or physical condition. Running for older beginners needs to be approached in a carefully planned manner and with full knowledge and approval from your primary care physician.

As we age, our bodies are not as supple, fluid, or conditioned as they were in our younger days. This is a result of the natural aging process and the sedentary lifestyle we tend to fall into over the years. If you’re over 40, remember to check with your doctor  to be sure running is a safe activity for you to begin. If you have any long term illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease it is mandatory that you have clearance to proceed.

How to Get Started Running

There are hundreds of books, videos, systems, and programs out there that will teach particular methods of getting started running for older beginners. If you are ready to get started, let’s look at the best way to begin to train your body and your mind to engage in this new exercise form. New to you!

We’re going to look at training your body to build up stamina and muscle over a 12-week period. You will work at a gentle pace as your strength and capacity improve. If at any point you find it too difficult, stay at the level you are (or go back to the prior week’s routine) and continue there for one more week. Here we go!


Week 1: Walk fast for 4 minutes; then, walk slowly for 1 minute. Repeat this 4 times for a total workout of 20 minutes. Decide now if you’re going to train daily or only 3 to 4 times a week. This is your new routine, so embrace this special time for yourself!

Week 2: Run 1 minute; walk 3 minutes at a moderate pace. Repeat 6 times for a total time of 20 minutes.

Week 3: Run 1 minute; walk 2 minutes. Repeat 7 times. Total routine should take 21 minutes.

Week 4: Run 1 minute; walk 1 minute. Repeat 10 times. Total routine is still 20 minutes.

Week 5: Run 2 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 7 times for a total routine of 21 minutes.

Week 6: Run 3 minutes; walk 1 minute. Repeat 5 times for 20 minutes total.

Week 7: Run 4 minutes; walk 1 minute; repeat 5 times. 20 minutes total.

Week 8: Run 6 minutes; walk 1 minute; repeat 3 times. 20 minutes total.

Week 9: Run 9 minutes; walk 1 minute; repeat 2 times. 20 minutes total.

Week 10: Run 12 minutes; walk 1 minute; run 7 minutes. 20 minutes total.

Week 11: Run 15 minutes; walk 1 minute; run 4 minutes. 20 minutes total.

Week 12: Run 20 minutes! You made it and can now be pleased with yourself for developing a new, healthy habit, teaching your body to work a little harder each week, and reaching your goal. What an awesome job!

Start Running For Older Beginners Now

Waiting much longer to get a good exercise routine into your daily habit will not benefit you in the least. Many of us have all ready spent too much time allowing our bodies to soften and lose their suppleness.

The routine I’ve outlined for you about is a very gentle running program for older people who have not been too active, but who have a desire to improve their healthy and fitness.

If you find that the routine is too demanding on you, back off a little bit or stay on the week you are struggling with for an extra week until you feel comfortable. Allow your body to adjust and always stay consistent. Consistency will quietly train your body to adjust gently to your new routine.Remember that you should always consult with your physician before beginning any kind of exercise.

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