Active Lifestyle – Your Ticket to Fitness

The 3 Week Diet

The reason as to why Americans today are not as fit as previous generations is because of the rampant use of so many labor saving devices. Under such a scenario, it might come off as a surprise to know that simply putting everyday activity back into your life will keep you fit and trim. This can be started off by doing simple things like walking or biking to visit neighbors or friends. You can also work manually in your yard or garden by cutting your grass with a push mower and raking your leaves.

Even normal household work such as washing the windows or vacuuming the floor is a good way to lead an active daily life. You can also get active with kids and enjoy their activities by playing along with them. Make sure you take small walks with family or friends after dinner and on weekends. In case you visit the mall or movie theaters on weekends, then it would be a good idea to park further away and walk across the parking lot.

In addition to living an active lifestyle, it would be good for your health if you could incorporate some moderately intense activities as well. These activities can be done with or without joining the gym. Some examples of this may be brisk walking or jogging, daily cycling etc. What ever you do, start slowly and listen to your body at all times. This will dramatically increase your chances of having a successful fitness plan. In case of pain, dizziness or shortness of breath, you should stop exercising and assess whether you need to visit a doctor before continuing with your daily fitness regime.

Perhaps the best way to start on an active lifestyle is by going on a daily walk. This is something which can be easily incorporated into your daily life by simply waking up a little early in the morning. Walking is perhaps the easiest way to reap the benefits of moderate endurance exercise. As the weeks roll by, simply increase your walking distance and also start to time the entire walk. You can gradually work towards increasing the pace or speed of your walks.

Once you’re satisfied with the performance of your body then it’s time to add a few basic stretching exercises to your daily routine of walking. Stretching your body in this way increases your flexibility which will significantly improve your endurance in going through your regular day. After doing this for approximately a month, you can add a five minute vigorous-intensity workout three days a week. For example, you can speed up to a fast walk or a slow jog for a total of five minutes, on three of the days that you work out. Remember, that you can change this according to your own convenience but make sure that you’re making some kind of progress.

After two weeks, you can increase the higher intensity portion of the workout to 10 minutes and continue adding additional 5 minutes every two weeks. This is sufficient activity which will help you immensely in finding more pleasure and vigor in your daily life.

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The 3 Week Diet