Different Components of Fitness

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It’s easier to see that an active lifestyle will improve your health and lowers your risk of premature health problems. The total fitness of an individual will include its social, mental and physical components; however in this article, we’re only going to focus on the physical aspects.

Many people wrongly believe that in order to be considered “fit” one must gain a substantial muscular weight. Others assume that fitness will inevitable involve maintaining a low body weight. These notions are only true to a certain extent as overall fitness includes aerobic fitness, endurance, muscular strength, flexibility and proper body composition.

Now let’s go through each one of these in order to understand their proper relevance.

Flexibility, muscular strength and endurance are the three most important components which are required for doing the physical work of everyday life. Simple things such as cleaning the house, actively sitting in front of a computer or mowing the lawn, call for the action of these fitness components. It is well to bear in mind that these components are usually developed in a gym environment since they usually call for a combination of exercises which can be easily done by utilizing several machines. Additionally, the development of these components calls for weight lifting exercises usually involving several repetitions.

Aerobic fitness basically indicates the ability of your body to utilize oxygen for a variety of tasks. The more efficiently your body utilizes oxygen the less worn out you’ll feel while doing any work. This component of physical fitness also goes by the name cardiovascular or cardio respiratory fitness. Aerobic fitness is basically an overall fitness routine which energizes your entire body without adding much strength to your muscles. In a gym environment, aerobic exercises are usually performed in a large group with the entire group imitating the movements of an instructor.

The last component of physical fitness is the body composition. This basically indicates your body’s muscle to fat ratio. An advanced version of this component is the body mass index (BMI). Most modern gyms usually make it mandatory for new incumbents to get their body mass index or body composition from a certified professional. This is because when it comes to exercising in gym, knowing the total body fat is far more important than simply knowing total body weight. Your body composition state will help the gym instructor in providing you with appropriate exercise plan.

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