How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Keep It off


With the hot season here, we are all looking for ways to lose belly fat fast. All that flabby fat around the mid section is not only unaesthetic, but is also the cause of various cardiovascular diseases and other illnesses, like type 2 diabetes,  which affect the digestive system, so shredding that fat is no longer an issue of beauty only. However, if you are looking for the best way to burn belly fat, it is good news that a few minor diet changes and an efficient exercise routine can help you get shed off those extra inches around your waist and have the amazing, lean belly that will make heads turn on the beach.


Lose Belly Fat Fast with the Help of the Right Diet


Any tips to lose belly fat through diet must address two aspects: quantity and quality. By reducing the quantity of the food you eat, you will reduce the calorie intake as well, which will inevitably lead to weight loss. The best way to reduce your calorie intake while also avoiding starvation is by having smaller meals, approximately the size of your fist, 5-6 times a day and never skipping a meal. This way, you will keep your digestive system working non-stop, which will stimulate your metabolism and make it reach out for your fat deposits – especially visceral fat.

For a successful diet, you need to not only introduce the right amount of food, but also to consume quality meals, so you must avoid fast food and replace it with fruits, whole meal pastry products and low-carb foods. Replace pork with lean meat or fish for example.


Lose Belly Fat Fast with the Right Training Program

No weight loss plan is complete without exercise. Any type of cardio exercise attacks belly fat, so swimming, cycling, aerobics and jogging, or even climbing the stairs and walking will help you tone your abs and lose fat. Never forget to warm up, whatever form of exercise you choose – your muscles need at least 5 minutes of stretching and mild exercise to tune in for the training session.


To lose belly fat fast, try interval trainings with short, intensive sessions, always followed by stretching, and try to introduce 3 workouts a week into your routine. If you like going to the gym, you can benefit of all those special machines and do targeted exercises that burn belly fat. If you prefer exercising at home, reverse sit-ups, plank lifts or flutter kicks are the best. If you have enough space in your home, you can purchase some simple abs training equipment, such as a decline bench – the decline crunch is one of the most efficient abs exercises ever.

The perfect answer on how to get rid of belly fat should always involve changes in your lifestyle in general, introducing more physical activity and a healthy diet. If you switch to a healthier lifestyle, your body will be grateful and you will not only lose belly fat fast, but you will also improve your general health and state of mind.