One Simple Exercise For Improving Body Power

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In this article we are going to look at a simple exercise which offers several advantages in terms of improving body power, in addition to civilizing breathing and digestion. Further, this exercise is also known to provide ample flexibility to muscles so as to prevent the cramping effect which people usually complain of while working in office or traveling in crowded buses.

Ok, so let’s get going with this. First, stand in an ordinary position with firm feet. Now you need to place a golf ball in front of you about 18 inches from either toe. You can also use a simple white mark in case you don’t have a golf ball handy. Throughout this exercise, you’re supposed to keep your eye on this mark (or golf ball in case you’re using one). Another thing which will help in doing this exercise is a light golf club held in both hands. In case you don’t have one, then you simply need to imagine it while doing the exercise.

Now bring the golf club as if for a full swing at the golf ball, well behind and to the right. Remember to not take your eye off the golf ball while doing this. Now make a full swing, following the stroke through and out as far as it will go. Needless to say, it’ll be helpful to do this exercise in case you’ve already watched a golf player doing the same.

The above movement will carry you off the right foot and onto the left, meaning that the rear of your right foot will be in air at the end of the stroke. Now you need to repeat the same thing as if for a left handed drive.

This exercise is extremely helpful for the development of body power since it brings many of the strongest trunk muscles into play. Apart from it obvious advantages of offering an excellent drive at golf, it is also extremely helpful in developing a good pull. It also serves the purpose of developing the body-swing which is required to throw the hammer, in a game like cricket. This exercise will also work its miracle for developing your back hand in lawn tennis.

While doing this exercise, you must also remember that it is not just for strength gaining but also for sharpening your concentration. Focus intensely on the white mark (or the golf ball) and never allow yourself to be distracted at any point.

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