Precautions While Pursuing a Fitness Program

It happens so often that people discontinue a fitness program shortly after starting it with all their energy. This can usually be attributed to general reasons such as lack of will or loss of interest. However, in some cases it is neither of these two but instead, people quit because they don’t follow a few general exercise related precautions which indirectly leads to their quitting decision. In order to prevent this, it’s absolutely important that you adhere to the following general instructions when it comes to starting a fitness program.

Firstly, you should consider getting a medical examination before starting out on any fitness program. These days several sophisticated gyms offer such fitness gauging medical examinations even before granting the gym membership. In case this facility is not provided by your gym then you must consider getting the necessary tests from an independent practitioner. The purpose of such tests is basically to know your current fitness level, which can then be used by your gym instructor as a basis for deciding your future fitness regimen,

Additionally, you must never exercise too soon after meals or after having some heavy snacks. There is absolutely no need to go to gym after filling yourself even partially. In case you don’t want to miss out on your exercise schedule then it would be better to go out for a mile long walk (Not running or jogging) before heading over to gym. You must also never over exercise yourself to exhaustion which can happen while exercising in a gym environment where the excitement of competition may lead to excess. Take things nice and slow and move with your own pace with which you feel comfortable.

In case you regularly go for jogging, before heading over to gym, then remember to never breathe in through the mouth except occasionally when in a park where the air is fresh. Otherwise, it’s always better to breathe in and well up through the nostrils and as a rule, fully and slowly. You must secure maximum amount of air and light but minimum of dust, while jogging in a community park. When it comes to clothing, you’ll do best by avoiding those which cramps you.

When it comes to doing a particular exercise, whether by using weights or machines, don’t use those body parts that you would gain nothing by using. For example, while doing bench press, it would be unnecessary to tighten your legs or feet. Also don’t frown and never grip your hands unnecessarily. Additionally, you must develop a proper habit of acquiring the correct form before starting any exercise even if this means doing several slow, careful and labored repetitions. In case an exercise appear to be severely complex then it would be better to take help of your instructor in subdividing the same into many parts. Then you must try to master each part individually before doing the entire thing in a single stretch.

Lastly, be regular. It would be best to maintain the regularity in terms of both occasion and time but usually the former is more important than latter. That is to say, you can exercise in morning or late in the evening, after work hours but make sure to maintain frequency or at the very least, don’t change it often. It’s usually better to exercise after work since it revitalizes the body after an entire day of work related stress.

In case you’ve made a resolution to exercise daily for say 30 minutes, then try to keep that resolution but never compromise your exercising occasion at the cost of “time spent” in gym.