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There are several reasons as to why different individuals quit their fitness program before even getting any substantial results. Mostly it happens due to lack of sufficient discipline and patience while working out in a gym. Some people also get disinterested shortly after starting a program as the accomplished results are not up to their expectations, which are usually very high

There are a few things which you can do to prevent yourself from quitting the program. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can expect to get something for nothing but rather it’ll become easier for you to do exercises without it feeling like a huge chore. You can also expect to enjoy the process if you follow some of the instructions outlined below.

Firstly, at the time of exercise, concentrate your attention upon it as if it’s the only thing in the world. This is usually easier said than done but there are a few things which you can do to improve your concentration. In psychology there lies a principle by the name of “Pre-Suggestion”. This principle implies that you can do anything by first implying it to yourself that you will do it. Say to yourself such a formula as “I’m going to do this as well as I can; I’m not going to bother about anything else for the next five minutes; this is simply the only thing to be done.” By doing this kind of pre suggestion, you’re basically conditioning your mind to instruct the body to get going with the exercise.

Additionally, interest is also of great help in sharpening your concentration. The very fact that you’ve taken the time to start a fitness program is ample proof that you’re interested in working out in a gym environment. The only thing which needs to be done now is to keep the fire alive by realizing that the practice is worth while for several health related reasons. By regularly practicing the above technique of pre-suggestion, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying your daily exercise.

Another thing to keep you constantly motivated is to look at your muscles, either directly or in a mirror. Feel the change but never get discouraged in case you feel they’re not the size you wanted. Remember, slow and steady does wins the race and race is really long here. Another thing to note is to never compare your performance with others in the gym. You’ve no idea as to how long they’ve been in gym and hence it would be foolish as well as discouraging to compare your physique with the old timers. Moreover, people join a fitness program for various reasons and hence a comparison with others is not only ludicrous but also unreasonable.

Simply stick with your daily schedule and feel the difference by keeping a record of your progress. The various parameters which can be included in your record are things like; The number of times you can do a particular exercise without feeling tired, ease with which you can do a movement, measurements of your muscles on a weekly basis etc. Make sure to also note the dates while maintaining this record.

In addition to above, it’s also important to remember that some exercises may call for cooperation from other people. Under such a scenario, it would be best to approach the gym instructor who may group you with relevant people so that you can team up with someone of your own experience level. Make sure the other person knows the exercise inside out before beginning the same.

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