Your Mental Approach To Fitness

Before pursuing anything as great as fitness we must get into our mind a reasonable view as to what exactly is implied by fitness. We must think of it as a regular and pleasant process which is all ours for taking. It is our preeminent duty to guard our fitness approach against all unfavorable conditions and temptations to obvious silly mistakes. It is our utmost duty to emphasize the attractive nature of fitness at all times even though it may be the unpleasant nature of unfitness that may lead us to consider self training.

Fitness should not be looked upon as a chore or a duty but rather as satisfactory and enjoyable experience. However this is easily said than done and most people seriously consider a fitness regime only when recommended by their doctor. The reason as to why fitness is regarded as a duty is because our ideas of physical duty as of despicably low type. Since any “duty” is mostly regarded as being an unhappy, gloomy and pathological activity, our entire approach to fitness is destined to be associated with being an unpleasant one. You will continue to remain in this vicious state of mind until you substitute the above with a pleasant sense of fitness.


Fitness must be regarded as a process and not as an end. It is far more than bulky muscles, brightly lid face or even the power of physical endurance. All round fitness would inevitably result in physical and hygienic endurance in addition to bringing a continuous enjoyable state of mind. In other words, the purpose of all round fitness is not just the attainment of good character but also the attainment of expressing that good character in an easy, happy and adequate manner. All this will inevitably result into the formation of a better man as compared to one’s past self. From an intellectual standpoint, attainment of fitness is actually a test to work well in any direction that propels us to the highest consciousness.

It’s an enormous mistake to regard fit people as being “morbid” or “self centered”. Although you may not subscribe to this kind of thinking, you may still not be convinced that fitness is as high a duty as church going. All round fitness is inevitably prospective, which means that it aspires for a better future–for self and others. It only leads to good work for others without hurting anyone and is always radiating and infectious.

Many people believe that fitness can be easily attained by simply cutting oneself from undesirable surroundings, undesirable foods and undesirable air.  However, a person that can only be healthy under such conditions is still a slave to external things and hence has not attained true health. Although good air, food and surroundings are indeed valuable for a fit physique, they are not health itself. A fit body will inevitably be free but your continued dependence on afore mentioned simply signifies a special form of slavery.

The purpose of following a fitness regime is simply to strive for a better life, both physically and mentally. This can only be attained by getting into a mental habit of reiterating fitness rather than the effects of unfitness.