The Ab Workout Routine and the Exercises

When looking for a great ab workout routine, you need to think of three things. These are the cardio, the workout and the things you eat. With a lack of any of the three, you will not get the kind of abs that you are looking for. And in the first place, these three were really made to complement each other. So you cannot really avoid any of them if you want a ripped abdominal area. But before anything else, look at the whole concept of your ab workout routine. What makes you think you really know how to get your abs in the right shape?

The Ab Workout Routine: The Workout Itself

It is said that a good one hour on the mat and the gym is enough time for a full days worth of workouts. For your abs, you may only need around 20 minutes. The key here is to continue the burn in a progressive manner. At first, do the simple workout routines like the crunches and the sit-ups. Then you change it up and add some bicycle motion on those crunches, side ab crunches and some leg thrusts. Depending on what workout gives the most impact on your abs, then those have to be your choice. This is an essential part of the whole ab workout process, so at best you need to feel as much of that sensation when you do your ab workout routine.

The Best Ab Workout Routine: The Exercises

Speaking of exercises, keep in mind that no  routine is really complete without noting which workouts actually work well for you. In this case, you have to think about the target areas of the workouts. If you want to get better looking sides and obliques, you may want to try the bicycle exercise. Lie down on your back on the mat and then straighten out your right leg upward. The toes have to be pointing to halfway from the extent that you leg can go. Then bend you left knee towards the body. Put your hands onto the back of your head and then have your right elbow reach for the left knee. The motion must be interchangeable with your left elbow going for your right knee. Repeat this until you have 15 reps for each side.

Another exercise that you can do for your routine is the upward leg thrusts. While lying down again, raise your legs with your knees half bent and your feet suspended in the air. Now push your legs upward until your buttocks are off the ground and your legs are straight. Then bring them back down to the original position. Do 15 reps of this as well.

And lastly, you can finish off your ab workout routine with the crunches. Find an elevated spot that is leveled with your knees when you raise your legs up. Put your feet there and lie down. With your hands on the back of your head, force yourself up without the help of your hands. Go up and down until you get 15-25 reps as well.