What is the best abs exercise?

Knowing the best abs exercise isn’t the be-all and end-all of getting a very muscular and ripped abdominal area. It’s also important to keep in mind other factors that may affect how soon the abs actually appear or how much muscle is actually developed in that particular part of the body. When you combine all of these other factors, they can sometimes even outweigh the impact of knowing the best abs exercise to perform. So exactly what are these other factors that one should consider?

First, it’s important to remember that a person’s genetics plays a big role in how his or her body gets developed in terms of muscle and body fat composition. Some people tend to store more fat in their abdominal area (hence, the beer belly), while others have it better in that most of their excess body fat gets stored elsewhere in their body (like on their legs, arms, chest, and so on). A person’s genetic make up also determines which part of the body loses the most excess fat first.

For most people, the excess fat on the belly will be the last to get burned through natural means (i.e. exercise and having a balanced diet). However, just because the fat on it goes away very slowly, it doesn’t mean that the fat is never going to go away. Losing excess fat will take time and a whole lot of patience, but soon enough it will happen.

Which brings us to another point: in order for abs to actually appear, it is necessary to lose all or most of the excess fat covering it first. You always hear people talking about wanting to have a toned midsection, and how they’re looking for the best abs exercise to make this happen. However, most of them are completely unaware that their toned abs are in fact already there. It’s just being covered by their last remaining shreds of excess body fat. Get rid of the excess body fat on the abdominal area, and you’ll be halfway towards seeing ripped abs on your stomach.

Finally, when it comes to the best abs exercise, instead of doing crunches and sit ups to develop abdominal muscles, it would be better to engage in lifting weights and doing compound lifts that make you work on your entire body instead of your abdominal area. Although an isolation lift or workout has its benefits, a compound lift would be a lot better because it works multiple muscle groups at once.

There are many compound lifts that one can do in order to develop the abs while working on other muscle groups as well. Some examples include the squat, dead lift,and bent over row. While developing your abdominal muscles, these compound lifts will also develop muscles on your back, legs and arms. What’s more, you won’t just be exercising your muscles while doing this, you’ll also be burning fat. Clearly the best abs exercise would be one wherein your can develop your abs and other muscles while taking away the excess fat covering them at the same time.