The Problems with Some Workout Routines and How to Recognize the Best

Have you tried several workout routines with no results? Have you begun to see training as a torment for your body and mind? Would you like to lose the fat and build muscle but you don’t know how?

In order to find the best workout, you need to know what to stay away from, so here are the things that prevent you from obtaining the desired results with the training routines available.

The Problems with Most Workout Routines

  • They are strenuous and boring – If you exercise in the morning, waking up one or two hours earlier is a sacrifice that should be worth making. When the workout represents jogging or exhausting but boring exercises that you would gladly skip, you soon find yourself looking for excuses to linger in bed or just to skip your training routine.
  • They are too difficult to put up with considering that you have a job, no time, and a lot of responsibilities to handle – Indeed, nothing can be achieved without effort, but when you work out in the morning and the session leaves you exhausted, or when you do it after work and you get home too tired to eat, bathe or even watch TV, not to mention social or family life, quitting is a matter of time.
  • They are not balanced, focusing only on certain objectives, body parts or muscle groups – Just because you dream of six pack abs does not mean that all the exercises you perform should solicit you abdominal muscles. The variety of your workout routines is the secret to preserving your interest, burning more calories and developing a harmonious, beautiful body.
  • They do not match the diet plans they are recommended with – You cannot possibly expect to eat only fruits and vegetables and handle two hours workouts three or five times a week. The purpose is to burn the fat, but you still need some energy in order to do it, so it is important that the diet you follow be able to support the workout routine or the other way around, considering that you cannot take in more calories than you burn.
  • They take a lot of time to pay results and the results fade away really fast – Just like losing weight, building muscles is a long term, gradual process which, if abandoned, may be followed by unwanted consequences, like weight gain, flabby skin, exhaustion, loss of self-confidence, etc.
  • They are expensive – Wherever you look, you see adverts promoting the most innovative and apparently efficient systems to lose weight and gain muscle, but when you get into details, you discover that the video or written materials, together with the recommended equipment and food supplements cost you a small fortune.


How to Recognize the Efficient Workout Routines


It is important to find a routine that is easy to fit into your daily schedule, otherwise you will not be able to follow it on the long term. Also, not all people have the same physical condition, so the routine you settle for, no matter if it is a gym workout plan or a program that you can follow at home, should allow you to adjust the intensity and the frequency of the exercises to your own limits and skills.

Full Coverage

The best workout routines are those that address the whole body and are backed up by well conceived diet plans, meaning that they help you to develop a harmonious body and they teach you exactly which the foods to build muscle and the ones that you should stay away from are. For example, any diet plan focusing on muscle development will advise you to take in proteins and eliminate bad carbs, like those in junk food.


You may say that the purpose is to burn fat and gain muscle, not to have fun, but, since this is a long term process, your workout routines have to be enjoyable too, not just soliciting, otherwise you will lose your interest and give up.

Besides, you need all the relaxation and fun that you can get, as you certainly have your share of stress and effort at work or with your household chores. There are numerous workout program that combine efficiency with entertainment.


You cannot start an expensive workout routine if you are on a budget, just like you cannot choose exercises to perform in water if you live in a small village, with no pool or spaces where you could perform such exercises.

Create Your Own Workout Routines!

What are the things you like to do? What is your favorite music? Choose three types of exercises for every muscle group, according to the time and conditions you have at your disposition, associate them with your favorite music and perform them every day, preferably in the morning, followed by a healthy and refreshing fruits shake.

The best workout routines are those that you enjoy performing, that allow you to put up with the day’s rhythm and that provide the desired results at a constant pace.