Adonis Golden Ratio Review

Can the Adonis Golden Ratio System Help You to Get the Adonis Body You Dream of?

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It’s All in Your DNA!

Everyone ever interested in physical exercise, losing fat and building muscle has heard, at least once, the names of John Barban and Kyle Leon, both highly trained and richly awarded professionals specializing in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology among others.

Their knowledge and expertise seems to have been put to good use in a system described as the latest breakthrough in the field of muscle building – Adonis Golden Ratio.

Does the system really work? Can it be trusted to deliver the promised results? Let’s analyze the facts and see!

What Is the Adonis Golden Ratio System?

It is a complete workout and nutrition program that includes three guides. The first one is the 12 Week Workout Program. In it, the developer, John Barban, teaches his followers how they should adjust their diet plan to their current body shape. The program includes 78 videos, covering the steps to be taken in order to perfect a healthy and balanced lifestyle and to obtain fast results.

The declared purpose of the program is to help all men, no matter their age, weight and physical condition, to develop the Adonis body all mean dream of having and all women appreciate.

The second guide, the Nutrition Program, teaches men how to recognize their genetic predispositions and how to use nutrition in order to stimulate their body to burn more fat and to build lean muscles.

While the focus is generally on the workout, the Supplementation Guide part of the system is also important, as it explains in detail what supplements are safe to take and even recommended and what supplements should be avoided in order to obtain the best results.

The information it offers is the key to achieve the desired body shape with efficient money, time and effort investments, being enough to allow anyone to put together a balanced diet program to cover the twelve weeks.

The system promises to help anyone break the barriers imposed by genetics as far as body shape and condition are concerned.


Does the Adonis Golden Ratio System Work?

The question is fair, and the answer seems difficult to give, but everything points to a successful recipe and valuable results, and here are the reasons that lead to this conclusion:

  •   The system was conceived by people with specialized training, long years of experience and a great reputation in fields like nutrition, personal           training and not only;
  •   It is based on specialized studies and research, benefiting from the theoretical support that few guides in this category have access to.
  •   It covers all the three aspects that influence one’s lifestyle and body shape: workout, nutrition and supplements;
  •   Its efficiency is sustained by thousands of positive reviews and testimonials of users from all over the world;
  •   It only requires 12 weeks to pay results, so, had it not worked for some users, we would have found out!

Is the System Safe?

You have every reason to be worried, considering the numerous doubtful systems available on the market and the avalanche of diet pills and supplements to be noticed online. However, this is not the case, as, leaving the experience and reputation of the developer’s aside, the Adonis Golden Ratio System uses only natural methods to pay results, namely physical exercise, diet and supplements.

If you feel that the proposed workout is too intense, you can always slow the pace or take a break. If you are allergic to any of the foods or supplements recommended, you can avoid consuming them, so, basically, nothing bad can happen, no matter how you look at things.


Every chance to develop the Adonis body you were dreaming of should be taken, especially when it is accessible, efficient and risk free, like the Adonis Golden Ratio System. This could be the only thing standing between you and the body of your dreams, so order it now and change your life for the better!